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Here is the thread where Majestic Mary, Morning, and I can work on planning MWW. If you are not one of the three of us but would love to help, you are welcomed and encouraged to post a comment on here suggesting an idea, be it a challenge, way to run things on the CB, WOTD, etcetera.

In case your wondering what the herring I am talking about, here is an explanation which I was not able to handy-dandily copy and paste here:

MWW, short for Monthly Writing Week is a writing challenge created by Feline Fantasy, Majestic Mary, and Morning for the Chatterbox. It was initially just on the NaNoWriMo YWP classrooms* and runs, well, for one week each month** starting on the second Sunday of each month and continuing until the following Saturday.*** It features challenges such as dailies, collaborative weeklies, and word of the days. Participants both have a word goal and a growing-as-a-writer-goal. There are teams which earn points and can win. Also, I decided to use a confusing amount of footnotes rather than a confusing amount of parenthesis. 

*Aaaah the frequency of this statement is getting to me

** I almost wrote one month each week 

*** depending what we end up doing we might have to change it to, say, BMWW, Bi-Monthly Writing Week (as in once every two months, not the other way around.) 

To make planning go faster, Morning and Mary, we should make the most out of each comment -- like, dump a bunch of fleshed-out-ish ideas in each one, if you can do that. 

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Alrighty. Now that we are here on the CB, a lot of things are going to have to change - first of all, partners? They may not happen since we can’t do PMing, but I suppose we could try. 

Next, I unfortunately did not write down all of the dailies, but after the MWW classroom was shut down I quickly tried to write down everything I could remember. Here are the dailies.
Day 1 - goals (0 points)
Day 2 - variation of first week’s day 2* (complex point system)
Day 3 - Valentine’s Day themed daily (write Valentine’s cards between two characters) (3 points?)
Day 4 - word crawl. (6 points)
Day 5 - find a phrase that you use to much in your writing, and write __ words without it** (3 points?)
Day 6 - describe your charrie’s favorite room (up to two charries, I think?)**(2 points?)
Day 7 - reflections (0 points)
*but we don’t have that anymore, so we may have to come up with something new
**day 5 and 6 may have been switched, I don’t remember, but I don’t think it matters
I couldn’t remember all of the word of the days, but I jotted down the ones I could think of - incandescent, moist, noted, and frequency. Let me know if you remember any others; I think the rest were ones pulled out of the dictionary.
The theme we decided on was colors, and the teams were Ultraviolet (mary), Infrared (Morning), and Visible (Feli)
That's as far as I've gotten. Seeing as February MWW is only a week away, we may have to wait longer - which is sad, bc I wanted to do the Valentine's Day daily. But who knows? Maybe we'll make it. 
Also, top. 
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(February 6, 2021 - 8:06 pm)

Yeah, partners might be more trouble then they are worth because they could get confusing.

I think the dailies were like that -- that looks good!

I guess we could do it starting on the second Sunday of next month. We could still do the Valentine's one, just not on Valentine's day.

One thing to think about is how many threads this is going to take up and where they will be. Like, will we have an individual thread for each team or not bother? I think for point-counting we should just ask them to keep track and tell us what they got at the end of the week for both words and points.

We were considering a Mad Libs thing for a future week . . . what if we made the weekly fill out this Mad-Libs template with a family member or something then write a short story based on it?

I think the rest of the WOTDs were pulled fro the dictionary -- I'll ask the dictionary again.

It says: Garnet, pull, veer, beak, premonition, and stub. How do those sound? 

List of things we still need to do:

Finalize and write out dailies

post sign-ups (mabe on the first?)

Figure out organization and what we can do

Create the threads

probably more that I am forgetting 

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(February 7, 2021 - 8:34 pm)

I think it might be a good idea to either (1) try for at least one week to have seperate threads for each team, it's not like Inkwell is spectacularly busy anyways, or (2) get rid of the concept of teams, and just have each person gather points for themselves.

One thing that will be much more difficult on the CB than on NaNo is the process of daily updates on points. We won't be able to just go and edit our comments every morning/evening anymore, so we will either have to post a new update each day, which could get a bit messy, or keep private documents throughout the week and post a finalized verson on Sundays.

For finalized dailies, how about I do 1 and 5, Mary does 3 and 6, Feli does 1 and 4, and I cannot remember in the slightest what 2 was, so can someone else do that one? If that works for you two, I can have them posted here soon.

My idea for threads (change anything you want) is to have one common area on Inkwell where everyone can work together, and one other thread where we can post announcements, daily activities, and maybe the updated points for each team. Maybe also seperate threads for each team, but that might take up too much space. (Maybe we could put team threads on seperate sections, like CaC, DtE, and PP, so that it is more even and we don't take up too much space?)

The other thing that I maybe be wrong about is that I think Valentine's Day is on the 14th, which is the Sunday that we are starting, right? And are we still having a MWW next week? I think we were planning it for this week, but I'm not good at time. 

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Oh no! I just realized that now that we have no NaNo, I don't get to see Milk and Mocha hugging every time Mary posts something! *tears*

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(February 8, 2021 - 11:56 am)

*tears* I miss Milk+Mocha.

I feel like having a separate thread for each team might be more trouble than it's worth. When you think about it, we never spent a lot of time on the team chats. Buuut whatever you want would be a-okay with me. 

Combing WOTDs from our original list and Feli's dictionary list: noted, incandescent, premonition, moist, frequency, and stub. Is that okay with you guys? We can always change them.

Here is a finalized daily for Valentine's Day: (day 3, I believe?)

Day 3 ~ Valentine's Day just passed a couple days ago* - did your charries do anything to celebrate? No? Well, today we're going to change that. Write a Valentine's card exchange between two charries. It doesn't have to be romantic or heartfelt, but it can if you want it to be - do it however you want! 

WOTD: premonition**

Other announcements: none that I can think of!

*assuming we start this MWW on Valentine's Day, and this daily is day 3

**feel free to change. 

I'll do six sometime soon. For now I need to get back to the homework I've been procrastinating on. 

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(February 8, 2021 - 5:24 pm)

asdfghjkl sorry for not posting until now.

Firstly, can we do this next month? That'll give us enough time to plan. So Mary, the daily looks good, just change it to a couple weeks ago (if we are doing next month) and add the 2-4 points depending on whether you write 1 or 2 thing. Also, do you think it would be cool if they were to actually make the Valentine's card? It's fine if not. We need one more WOTD so let's go with veer as well.

For the teams, I guess in that case we will have teams, just not make threads for them. We can still write introductions for our teams and put them . . . somewhere, but beyond getting points for your team there probably won't be much you do with them.

What do y'all think of this thread plan?

Sign-up thread: This is exactly what it sounds like. A place to sign up for MWW and explain what it is.

Official thing thread: Here we would put announcements and things like that, plus the challenges. Towards the end of the week one of us could post a "reply here with your final number of points and words " comment. If it's alright, we can just have them post that at the end of the week instead of every day because taht might get messy.

The Workshop (final name TBD, like the others): Here CBers can talk about challenges, what they are writing, writing tips, chat to each other, say I hope that fequencies at ___-___ hrtz win! (cause, ya know, our teams), that sort of thing. Basically non-official things and chat.

(all on Inkwell) 

How about this?:

Day 1 - goals (0 points)
Day 2 - variation of first week’s day 2 (1-6 points)*
Step 1: write for 5 minutes, <100 words 1 point, 100-250 2, >250 words 2 points 
Step 2: Sprint to 100 words, recording how long it takes and than calculating the speed of this and the last step you did. If It is slower, get 0 points, faster by at least .2 words/second get 2 points, and for anything in between get 1 point. (feel free to change this step, it was all I could think of)
Step 3: sprint for 10 minutes, if you get <350(?) deduct two points, otherwise gain two, no negative points.
Day 3 - Valentine’s Day themed daily (write Valentine’s cards from one character to another (2 points each up to 4 points)
premonition (should we do a Valentine's theme?) 
Day 4 - word crawl.** (6 points)
Day 5 - find a phrase that you use to much in your writing, and write 250(?) words without it (3 points)
Day 6 - describe your charrie’s favorite room in at least 300 words (2 points)

Day 7 - reflections (0 points) 


*TURNS OUT I SAVED THE WEEK ONE SCHEDULE YAY :D I can post it if you'd like so we can do things like basically copy days 1 and 7. 

** we are studying waves, including light, in science but I definitely don't trust my understanding of the topic enough to use my knowledge for this . . . what should the crawl be about? Maybe, like, animals that can see light at different frequencies? 

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(February 10, 2021 - 7:58 pm)

THAT IS THE BEST NEWS I'VE HEARD ALL DAY! Yes, please copy/paste! That is incredible!

About the word crawl, I know as little as is humanly possible about waves, so I don't really have any input.

I really like the name The Workshop, maybe we can have the other words be a similar style, like The Office or The Headquarters for the announcement area and The Registry for the sign-ups thread.

Or, wait.

What if we made it into a sort of village or camp or something in the style of the Daydreams Cafe, and the sign-up place was the Registry and Common Room, where after signing up, the participants could roleplay as themselves and stuff? It would be optional, of course, since the writing is enough pressure, but I think it would be really cool and also keep the sign-up area alive throughout the whole week.

For the day five weekly, this is what I have:

Day Five — Unless you are an incredibly flawless writer, you have a word or phrase that you use too often in your writing. If you don't, I will fall down at your feet and grovel, but otherwise, today's challenge is to identify that word or phrase and write 250 words without including it. At. All. It will be difficult, but I believe in you! *insert Lumi-worthy pep talk*

If we're not going to need me to write Day One, is there another daily that I should take over, or are we good?

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(February 10, 2021 - 9:30 pm)

Okay heeeeeere.

December 2020 dailies

Day one:

 Daily: Set a goal for yourself. Not a word goal but a growing-as-a-writer goal. No points, but please do this one, it is important.

Also, greet your partner who will be announced to you a bit before camp begins! 

WOTD: extravagant

Hello birds!

It’s the first day of camp, so we hope you are excited. Each day will bring exciting new activities, such as dailies.

Day two: 

Daily:This will be an early-week warm-up! Post scores and thinsg and for which steps on the Challenge Chat. 

Sprint for 5 minutes. You get points based on how much you wrote. Don't pause the timer, just write as you think, or try not to think.

Less than 100 words: 0 points

100-200 words: 1 point

Over 200 words: 2 points

(haha I said 200-300 than realized that above 300 you also get 2 so that would be pointless, no pun intended.)

Sprint to 100 words, recording how long it takes. Post it in the Challenge Chat. If you were slower or equal in speed to the person before you you get 0 points. If you were faster by at least thirty seconds you get 2, and if by less, you get 1.

Try writing 400 words in 10 minutes. If you succeed, earn two points! If you do not succeed, deduct two points. You can not get negative points.Complex point system.

WOTD: iris

Day three: 

Maybe, like, 5 points? It'd be a small crawl because it's just a daily.

Word: petite

Day four: Write a blub for the writing thing you are doing. Ask questions about eachothers and answer them.

2 points

Word: penetrate



Today, we have a bird-themed word crawl! That is a series of writing challenges to compete in order.

You are an owl. It’s nearing dawn, one of your most active times of day. Before you go out to hunt, write 350 words to prepare and groom yourself.

Your ready to go out. You start flying, and you spot a mouse. A wonderful meal. You must dive for it and snatch it up -- complete a fifty-headed hydra as you do this. A fifty-headed hydra is where you write as much as you can in five minutes -- no backspacing, NO THINING.

Now you are a pigeon, enjoying the urban pigeon lifestyle. You notice that part of your nest is damaged! Sprint to 300 words in 10 minutes as you fix it.

Better. You must still find a meal, however. Randomize a number from 100 to 1000 and write that many words as you scavenge for fallen food.

You are now a hummingbird, having just fed from a flower. Write for 10 minutes before you get hungry again.

You spot another flower to get nectar from, but -- oh no! Another hummingbird wants it, too. Participate in a five-minute word war in the challenge chat to compete for the flower’s nectar.

If you win -- yay! You got the flower!

If you lose -- you have been chased off. Write for five minutes searching for another flower with no competition.

If you complete this, earn 5 points!

Word of the Day:


Other announcements:

Nearly halfway through the week! Wow. Remember, you should definitely have messaged your partner by now.




It’s always important for a writer to be able to concisely give others a promise of their book, while not revealing too much -- or too little. Write a short blurb of the main thing that you are writing, like what you would find on the back of a book. Post it on the Challenge Chat, and comment on each other's blurbs with questions. This is worth 2 points.

Word of the Day: 


Other Announcements:

Remember, if your partner still hasn’t messaged you, you should ask for a new one.

Day five: Re-write something from a while ago



Do you hate looking at you cringey writing from a while ago? So do I! And that’s exactly what we are doing today. Take a writing project, particularly a creative writing one, and rewrite it. Keep the general plot the same but you can change details. And I don’t mean what you wrote last NaNoWriMo. I mean what you wrote years ago. Embrace the cringiness and rewrite at least part of an old story. For every hundred words you arite you get one point, up until 500 words, meaning that max points is five.

Word of the Day: 


Other announcements:

Not that I can think of!

a point every hundred word until 500 so max 5 points

Word: ombre

Day six: Take a personality quiz for your character

2 points

Word: simper



Ahh, personalty quizzes. Quite often very inaccurate, but sometimes revealing, and almost always fun things to take. Well, you don’t always need to be the one taking them! That’s right, today, folks, you will be taking a personalty quiz for one of your characters, whether that is a what breakfast food is your character quiz, a personality type quiz, or basically anything else. Post the results on the Challenge Chat, and whether you think they are accurate or not! This is worth two points. :)

Word of the day: 


Other announcements:

It’s the second-to-last day of this session of MWW! Talk to and do the weekly with your partners if you have not yet, make sure your doing well on your word goal, chat with your team members (and not-team-members!)

Day seven: Write about whether you acheived your goal or not and post it, maybe we could also have something else here.

No points but again, important.

Word: placid (just thought of that word and it's a word I like, soo . . .)

Collaborative idea: get into pairs (pirs have to be in the same team) and send eachother at least 500(?) words of something you write that week. Have the other partner give feedback, then rewrite (not just edit, rewrite) it. Maybe 4 or 5 points each, so 8 or 10 a pair?

For your day five I would say mention the amount of points that will be gotten and delete "*inser Lumi-worthy pep-talk*" 


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Sorry I didn't respond to this quickly enough, I've been busy. I did actually list a lot of ideas and input, which was the comment you replied to with the first months schedule, but I didn't want to go any farther with my ideas without confirmation from you and Mary, since it seemed rather significant. Would you mind reading my comment and telling me what you think about my ideas?

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