Chatterbox: In This Month's Issue

Hello everybody. We regret to inform you that the March MCU has been canceled. This week has been incredibly busy and we couldn't find the time to make it, not to mention that the MCU appears to be taking a different, lore-infused route. Taking that into consideration, we'll be taking a break this month, but rest assured next MCU will be much, much better.

In compensation, we have decided to create a post for all of the people who are just joining the Chatterbox and don't know all the lore. For this reason, we give you...


The first Monthly check-up was in February about two or three years ago. In it, Ella Starburst began a monthly newsletter preparing people for the new month, something unseen on the CB and unprecedented by the hard-working admins (sorry guys!) The MCU was a hit Chatterbox-wide, and people wanted more and more. 

Ella Starburst realized the task of creating a monthly newsletter was a gigantic one, so she founded Floof Industries, a company that was in charge of creating this MCU. The members at the original founding were: Ella Starburst, the CEO and founder, Zeke, the editor in chief, Andrea, a girl with eyes who changed based on her mood whose role was never described, and Ted Zorano, a CAPTCHA that Ella later abandoned. (Up for adoption!) Ella also included a character named Sammy Witch in the member list to make it longer, but realized she had no idea what this character would be. She decided she could be Andrea's CAPTCHAE, since Andrea and Zeke were both thought of as OCs at the time.

Sammy Witch was a snarky, mysterious, and rude character that affiliated with the CAPTCHAs quite often. She wished to be a regular AE and rise above her 'master,' finally getting the chance after buying Frank the runny-nosed chihuahua at a CB garage sale. Later, Andrea and Zeke were classified as AEs, Zeke representing her left brain and Andrea her right. Their personalities fit into the ‘left brain, right brain’ trope. Sammy, Andy, and Zeke only served the role that most AEs serve, commentators on Ella Starburst’s regular posts.

Then, the Monthly Check-up changed. Instead of Ella narrating all of the MCU with boring transitions, the entirety of Floof had conversations between these blips. This helped to further develop their personalities and made the MCUs much more entertaining to both read and write. In its early stage, these MCUs weren’t the cream of the crop, so to say. Their main source of humor was the group bickering and causing large amounts of collateral damage to the HQ.

Then, the 2020 March MCU happened. 

In this issue, Zeke and Andrea began an in-depth discussion about, as Sammy put it, “...the logic of putting stuff on sticks.” Ella brushed off, relieved that they weren’t fighting, but it quickly became clear that the two were leaving all the work to Ella to continue their discussion. Ella got more aggravated and reached her tipping point when, at the MCU’s end, Andrea and Zeke told her she wanted her to become a whittling professor. Ella lashed out at the two of them for distracting her from her work and leading her on long, stupid tangents, a reference to her ADHD. It was clear an argument was brewing, but Sammy cut off the broadcast before it could get ugly. 

The April MCU began with Ella stumbling to find a good introduction and transitions while Andrea, hurt by the March issue, refused to help her. After the LMWAY, the air was silent and tense when Zeke yelled at them to get over it. Andrea scolded him for taking sides, saying all he was cavilling her at every moment. Undeterred by her use of impressive knowledge of words, Zeke said that she needed to focus on the task at hand and that Ella’s ADHD was not an excuse to mess around. The world would not readjust for Ella, so she needed to learn how to persevere despite any difficulties. Andrea realized her faults and made peace with Ella, who said that even though they should try to stay on topic, Floof hijinks were always welcome on the MCU. This became the first of many MCUs that told the tale of Ella’s mind and the unique personalities that bounced within it.

May 2020 became, again, the first MCU of a series that discussed anxiety, what Sammy Witch represented. After the important dates, Zeke said that Ella should tell a friend about a day they might take interest in. Ella put it off and Zeke told Sammy to ‘add it to the list.’ Sammy then barraged Ella with a list of responsibilities Ella had for TWO. WHOLE. SECTIONS, greatly increasing her anxiety. Ella screamed at Sammy to shut up and Zeke scolded Sammy for only focusing on Ella’s negatives. Andrea chimed in and reasoned that Ella was basically a monster now, proceeding to join in on Sammy’s barrage. Ella then left the room and walked into “...the conveniently placed garage that will probably never be mentioned again and whose existence will most likely be contradicted,” as Zeke said. At the end of the MCU, it was revealed that Ella had a tablet ready to play the 2018 YouTube rewind to retaliate against Andy and Sammy. 


*keep it formal, Kaz.

Zeke, did you see the May 2020 issue? I’m not sure that’s physically possible-

*You took this horse out of the barn. You better ride it.

Okay. *sigh* After the LMWAY, which was in the place of the then-called advice column, Zeke got pretty freakin’ tired of Sammy’s crap and yelled at her to shut up. Out of nowhere, Andrea said to Zeke, “No, you shut up.” and Sammy and Ella were like WOAHHHHHHHHH


Geezeokayfiiinne after the jokes, the MCU cut back to Zeke and Drea in a heated argument. When Ella tried to instigate the fight, Zeke told HER to shut up, which Andrea immediately scolded. Zeke fell into ashamed silence as Andrea told him to stop trying to control every single thought. It cause a lot of stress and was overall a futile effort. Zeke realized his mistakes and apologized for them, but wondered how we SHOULD treat anxious thoughts. Floof decided to research the subject and come back with the results on the next MCU. 

On another note, Floof tried to branch out in other ways on the CB, mostly in holiday celebration posts; a fight between Thanksgiving traditionalists and early-Christmas lovers, an easter egg hunt across the CB, ect. Though all of these were fun on some degree, none of them blossomed into what the MCU is today. However, the faceless being that hid the eggs in the Easter Egg Hunt would not be soon forgotten...

*Oh for pete’s sake, it’s HER introduction.

 In the July 2020 MCU, the introduction began with the members of Floof saying “It’s MCU time!” including another unfamiliar yet beautiful voice. She introduced herself as the wondrous and mysterious host of the Easter Egg Hunt, and Floof responded by saying it was never going to happen again because of the stress it caused - which is true! As an apology, Floof allowed this creative free spirit to join the crew. Thus, the absolutely STUNNING and GORGEOUS Kazmara K became the AE of Ella’s fascination with holidays, later switching to her hopes and dreams. In turn, Andrea became more reserved and nurturing instead of, well, a theater geek. Kazmara also became the co-host of the Holiday Hunger Games or HHG, a Floof Post where every holiday, 24 CBers, CAPTCHAs, AEs and the like would compete in a holiday-themed Hunger Games. Her co-host was Zeke, who was in charge of the paperwork the HHG brought about. 

*wasn’t there anything else on that MCU-

Yeah okay there were anxiety tips but last time I checked I AM THE ONE DOING THIS!!!

*Fair enough. Andrea wants me to play Broadsides with her anyway. But I do have one thing to say: the August 2020 issue was just Kazmara whining. 

HEY HEY HEY WAIIITTT! *sigh* shush Kazmara, maintain composure or they won’t let you do this again. *ahem* The August 2020 Issue was NOT what Zeke claimed, although that was how it began. After the dates, Sammy brought in KFC and accidentally offered Ella some, forgetting that she couldn’t eat it after she busted her lip. Ella’s mood went sour, and Zeke didn’t help it by bringing up that it was 12 and they had done nothing productive. The jokes, in an effort to lighten the mood, made it lower than ocean level, and a BEAUTIFUL soul asked everyone why they were so sad. Ella then revealed that she was actually alright, and really just trying to be sad. She looked on the bright side of things, stating the weekend was an alright time to be unproductive and that at least she didn’t need surgery for her lip. The day ended on a happy note as we learned cool trivia about Floof and looked at some beautiful firework drawings. 

The September 2020 MCU was narrated by Ella alone, as the rest of Floof was on a ski trip having tons of fun. *leaning towards the mic* little did they know that this would be the last time they would all be together in bliss…

Alright, you know what? You’re done.


You obviously can’t handle doing a formal paper, so you can’t handle talking about the Dark Arc.

(*sniffle*) Are you mad at me?

I’m not mad…

(*)Oh thank God-

Just disappointed.

*bursts in the room** The force has been disturbed.

*Someone played the disappointed card.

(*)But what about the Dark Arc? Who’ll cover it? 

Maybe Zeke or I later. Or maybe some CBers will beat us to the punch!

(*)oh mannn, I’m sorry.

It’s alright, baby. Anyway, sorry again for the inconvenience and thank you guys SO much for supporting us through the years! We hope this post filled the Floof-shaped hole undoubtedly in your heart. Have a nice time!


Flood Industries.

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All right well see you whenever you're ready! Great origin story!

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Thanks, I get it now!!

CAPTCHA says <ruyir> Ruy like from KOTLC??

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Floof: We're not doing the MCU

Also Floof: Here's a 19-paragraph history of Floof Industries

But in all seriousness, this is actually just as good and I still get to enjoy your snarky, funny voice this month.  

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There most certainly was a floof-shaped whole in my heart! (probably there in part because of my guilt at forgetting the awards, but anyways) This is the floof-ified history lesson I've been waiting for my whole life! I bet this will be very helpful to newcomers, and it was a lot of fun to read this over and remember all of it happening. We love you, Floof! <3

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