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hello hello hello, and welcome to the cb newspaper, run by lonesome and their friends (wolf, lupa, and foxglove!) 

lonesome speaks with a little asterik before (this thing! *) their words! when it's regular font that just means it's everyone talking

wolf speaks in bold, lupa speaks in italics, and foxglove speaks in bold italics

hello! wolf here, i'll be running the advice column! 

hey hey heyyy! it's ya girl lupa here! im gonna run the "adding-the-funny-comments" and "quotes" sections!

hello. my name is foxglove, it's a pleasure to meet you. i'll be posting the dates and book recs sections. 

*and i'm lonesome! i run everything else- location of the month, word of the month, etc! 

 sadly, we need a little bit of time to gather all the information- this newspaper will start in september! meanwhile, enjoy some quick little advice bits and such from wolf, lupa, foxglove, and lonesome. 


so. a lot of y'all are returning to school! here are some quick and easy tips to boost your confidence and do well in school!

number one, always think of the good things. number two, just be yourself! if anyone bullies you report it immediately though. number three, remember you can always vent to us if you need it!

doing well in school...

*sigh* i'll admit, none of us have very good ways to do well in school. i think it's because we collectively share one braincell, and im pretty sure lonesome has that braincell right now. anyhow, keep organized. study your materials before tests- scratch that, always study your materials. take notes (there are some really good tips on how to take notes. here's my suggestion: cornell notes. search them up, they're crazy helpful), and pay attention. never get on the teacher's bad side.

that's a little bit of Returning to School: The Advice Column! comment if you'd like me to give any more tips (i sound like a youtuber. wtf is wrong with me.)


heyooo! lupa here! some notable quotes have arrived!

"also fun fact, today i screamed really high pitched at some boys and they just looked at me like "are you a dying owl"" ~ aislynnlynx; aislynnlynx's CBversary thread

"Idk, I guess Suzanne Collins really likes bread?" ~ Silver Crystal; Random Thoughts and Things thread

"*stares accusingly at ceiling*" ~Jubilee, Random Thoughts and Things thread


Lupa just disappeared. I have nothing to say, except: I'm. Innocent. 

*yes, yes, we know. word of the month is...drumroll please, autumn! location of the month...we- don't have- that- i- yet. vote on septembers word of the month and location of the month! basically just suggest and vote




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Ooh I can't wait for the first edition!

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hey, this is a really cute idea! can't wait to see what you come up with next :D

hi guys! i'm assuming y'all are aes too...? 

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this seems like a really fun idea! maybe we can sumbit questions for advice? you're ae's seem really fun too.

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