Okay - so

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Okay - so

Okay - so - This Month needs a little bit of help. 20 days since the last post! That...that is a tragedy! I believe it is time for something new. Mm...what should we do...

AH! I think I have something! I probably should be putting this in Chirp at Cricket but...I'm gonna put it here anyway. 

Your Song Character! Alright - that doens't explain much of anything, so here I go. To make this form, all you need is a play list of music (ten songs) where you can see the names of the songs. As you listen to your playlist, answer the questions on the form... (Comments on your results are welcome :)) 


Here is Mine for an Example: () =song artist, exept for the qustion about thinking, because part of the song title is in the ()'s and (()) = My comments

Name: A Sky Full of Stars (Cold Play) ((Interesting Name...))

Your Motto: All My Favorite Songs (Wheezer feat. AJR) ((That...that is not a motto. At least I do like music.))

Life Goal: Sober Up (AJR) ((Dang. That is Some Life Goal))

Worst Fear: Ride (Twenty One Pilots) ((So...apparently I'm afraid to ride something. Very specific))

Favorite Activity: Best Day of My Life (American Authors) ((Well duh!))

I Can Be Heard Shouting: Name (The Goo Goo Dolls) ((Name! Name! Name! I conclude that is a dumb thing to shout at people. Why is this song even on my station...?))

I Am Often Thinking About: Absolutely (The Story of a Girl) (Nine Days) ((Well...that is somewhat realistic.))

Favorite Color: The Middle (Jimmy Eat World) ((The middle color? Green then? At least that is kind of an answer. But, really, how did this song get on my station? I am fairly certain I didn't add it...))

Favorite Place: Your Love (The Outfield) ((Station, I didn't know you were so SAPPY.))

If You Have A Bag With 3 Jars Of Jam In It And You Put In One Jar Of Jelly, How Many Jars Of Jam are In the Bag?:  Break My Face (AJR) ((That is dramatic...))


Have fun everyone!  

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Interesting... LET'S DO IT 

Name: Darkness keeps chasing me (Grace VanderWaal) ((oof, that's... that's a very unfortunate and sad name...))

Your motto: Dancing on my own (Robyn) ((Uh, it COULD be interpreted as "Remember to dance, even when you are alone" and that sounds positive, so okay))

Life goal: City Song (Grace VanderWaal) ((Well, I do actually want to live in New York City/some other big city someday, so YES IT WORKS :D)) 

Worst Fear: Starlight (Taylor Swift) ((Aparently I'm scared of stars))

Favorite Activity: She's Karosene (The Interupters) ((... There is no way to interperet this))

I can be heard shouting: Set it all free (Scarlett Johansson: from Sing) ((*nods aprovingly* A very good message to yell at 3am))

I am often thinking about: Other Friends (Sarah Stiles: from Steven Universe The Movie) ((way to be dark, playlist... but it's not WRONG, I'd say I think about my friends a lot))

Favorite color: Florets (Grace VanderWaal) ((hm... that's probably a crayon color, sounds like one))

Favorite place: I don't know my name (Grace VanderWaal) ((Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh))

If you have a bag with 3 jars of jam in it and you put in one jar of jelly, how many jars of jam are in the bag: Scott, get the van I'm moving (Cayetana) ((They don't want to deal with this "Jelly" and "Jam" bussiness, so they're moving, of course))


So that was a lot of Grace VanderWaal, but this was really fun to do :D 

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Name: Eveything at once by Lena (wow just wow)

Motto: time of the season by the zombies (that makes zero sense)

life goal: thunder by imagine dragons (also makes zero sense)

worst fear: 100 bad days by AJR (finally something that makes vague sense!!!!!!)

Favorite activity: For Forever from Dear Evan Hansen (what???)

I can be heard shouting: Lego house by Ed Sheeran (this is a nice random thing to yell.)

Im often thinking about: Broken by Lovelt the Band......(wow)

Favorite color: 2002 bye Annemarie (that's...not a color)

Favorite place: Team by Lorde (hmmm)

That confusing last question: monsters by All time low and Demi Lovato (-_-) 


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(September 20, 2021 - 7:14 pm)

Name: La Libertad (Alvaro Soler) ((Sure?))

Your Motto: Ode to My Family (The Cranberries) ((Valuing family is good!))

Life Goal: Haole Hula (Teresa Bright) ((I'm not particularly interested in learning the hula as I hate dancing, but it could be someone's life goal.))

Worst Fear: OK so it gave me Brown Skin Girl (Blue Ivy, SAINt JHN, Beyonce, WizKid) (it's a really good song!) but that response is so racist and not at ALL okay so I skipped to the next one: Queen (G Flip, mxmtoon) ((YES you should fear the queen she is ALL POWERFU))

Favorite Activity: My Way (Ava Max) ((Whatever I do, I will do it my way.))

I Can Be Heard Shouting: Lo Mismo (GIMS, Alvaro Soler, Jugglerz) ((Don't judge my music taste we listened to this song in Spanish class and it's catchy))

I Am Often Thinking About: Echoes in Rain (Enya) ((That's very deep...I think...))

Favorite Color: The Houses of Healing (Howard Shore, Liv Tyler) ((yeah that makes zero sense))

Favorite Place: Amhran Na Farraige (Lisa Hannigan) ((Ireland maybe?))

If You Have A Bag With 3 Jars Of Jam In It And You Put In One Jar Of
Jelly, How Many Jars Of Jam are In the Bag?:  Change the Sheets (Kathleen Edwards) ((I suppose if you spilled jam on your sheets you would have to wash them))

Apparently my music taste is very weird (but I knew that already). This was fun!

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Name: The day (UVERword) ((that's an interesting name...))

Your Motto: Mama (My Chemical Romance) ((MAMA! that's lame...)) 

Life Goal:  ()

Worst Fear: Teenagers (My Chemical Romance) ((lol it works with the song XD))

Favorite Activity: K-On! Theme song  (I dunno who sings it) ((that doesn't work lol)

I Can Be Heard Shouting: Butter (BTS) ((BUTTER! BUTTER!))

I Am Often Thinking About: Permission to dance (BTS) ((hm... apparently I need permission to dance and I can't?))

Favorite Color: Dynamite (BTS) ((hm... interesting color...)) 

Favorite Place: monsters (All time low) ((hm...))

If You Have A Bag With 3 Jars Of Jam In It And You Put In One Jar Of Jelly, How Many Jars Of Jam are In the Bag?: Boy with Luv (BTS) ((whaaaaat)) 

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Ooh! Can I do this and choose my songs to make it funny? I'll do it anyway...

Name: King of New York (Newsies) ((Oooh, yes that would be great.))

Your Motto: Reindeer Are Better Than People (Frozen soundtrack) ((yup.))

Life Goal: Try Everything (Zootopia soundtrack)  

Worst Fear: The World Doesn't Need Another Dream Girl (Nile Rodgers, Cinderella) 

Favorite Activity: Dancin' in the Street (Martha and the Vandellas)

I Can Be Heard Shouting: Another One Bites the Dust (Queen) ((Hee, hee...people look at you strange if you do that...))

I am Often Thinking About: The Simple Joys of Maidenhood (Camelot soundtrack)

Favorite Color: Blue Suede Shoes (Elvis Presley) ((Sigh...the king of rock...)) 

Favorite Place: In My Own Little Corner (Cinderella, Rodgers and Hammerstein)

If You Have A Bag With 3 Jars Of Jam In It And You Put In One Jar Of Jelly, How Many Jars Of Jam are In the Bag?: Much More (The Fantasticks)


Wow...that was SO. MUCH. FUN.  (This is my third try on the CAPTCHA test...cross your fingers...)

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Name: Runaway ~ Aurora (style ~ perfection.) 


Life Goal: Rewrite the Stars ~ The Greatest Showman (aaaah im kinda crying now) 

Worst Fear: Roadtrip ~ Dream (okay this is kind of accurate-) 

Favorite Activity: SugarCrash! ~ ElyOtto (TW// THIS SONG HAS SWEAR WORDS IN IT. but this is very accurate...my favorite activity is indeed being sad.) 

I Can Be Heard Shouting: Hello ~ Adele (true.) 

I Am Often Thinking About: Love Is Gone ~ Dylan Matthews, SLANDER (dang playlist why you gotta do me like this-) 

Favorite Color: Tell Your Story ~ Derivakat (accurate. tell your story = karl jacobs = turquoise and purple. oh gosh this knows me so well ig-) 


If You Have A Bag With 3 Jars Of Jam In It And You Put In One Jar Of Jelly, How Many Jars Of Jam are In the Bag?: Someone You Loved ~ Lewis Capaldi (*heh idk what that means moment* 

*realizes this is kind of exposing me*  

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Oooh this looks really fun! *pulls up Spotify* I don't have any ten-song playlists, so I just used what seemed to fit well from my liked songs. :)

Name: Ophelia (The Lumineers) ((well, that works))

Your Motto: Carry On (fun.) ((also workes pretty well))

Life Goal: Cloud 9 (Beach Bunny) ((mhm))

Worst Fear: Rollercoaster (Bleachers) ((no comment *ahem hem*))

Favorite Activity: deja vu (Olivia Rodrigo) ((no but this is my least favorite activity-)

I Can Be Heard Shouting: I Miss Those Days (Bleachers) ((true true))

I Am Often Thinking About: august (Taylor Swift) ((and how annyoing the heat is!!)

Favorite Color: dye it red (beabadoobee) ((makes sense!)

Favorite Place: Wildest Dreams (Taylor Swift) ((yeah that sounds nice))

If You Have A Bag With 3 Jars Of Jam In It And You Put In One Jar Of Jelly, How Many Jars Of Jam are In the Bag?: good 4 u (Olivia Rodrigo) ((good that you have lots of jam and jelly I guess)) 

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I'm using my Halloween music playlist

Name: witch doctor (David Seville) ((uh, ok? I'm a witch doctor now? But that isn't a name...))

Your motto: Monster Mash (Bobby "Boris" Pickett, the Crypt-Kickers) ((I guess dancing, idk))

Life Goal: spooky scary skeletons (Andrew gold) ((this makes no sense... do I want to be a skeleton? This is very strange.))

Worst Fear: The Purple People Eater (Sheb Wooley) (( AAAAA I'M GOING TO BE EATEN HELP! Wait, he only wants to be in a rock and roll band.))

Favorite activity: Ghostbusters (Ray Parker Jr.) ((so either I like watching ghostbusters or I am a ghostbuster))

I can be heard shouting:  Haunted Heart (Christina Aguilera) ((I don't really listen to this song but if I'm shouting that that's sad. HAUNTED HEART! HAUNTED HEART!))

I am often thinking about: Thriller (Michael Jackson) ((So I'm alway scared.))

Favorite color: Halloweentown theme (retrospectre) ((Is that orange or what?)

Favorite place: Stranger things (Kyle Dixon and Michael stein) ((PLEASE NO THAT SHOW IS SCARY I only have the song on my playlist because my friend who loves stranger things made the playlist))

If you have a bag with 3 jars of jam in it and you put in one jar of jelly, how many jars of jam do you have?: Calling all the monsters (China Anne McClain) ((my friend also added this song. But apparently I don't like the question and I'm calling monsters to destroy it.)

This was fun! :D 


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Name: Hungry Like the Wolf (Duran Duran) ((LETS FREAKING GOOOO THIS IS MY FAVORITE SONG))

My motto: Icarus (Bastille) ((Bro this should've been in the name category but WOAH WAIT THIS APPLIES WAY TO MUCH TO ME RIGHT NOW THIS IS NOT OKAY-)

Bruh i just ate a gummy that is actually sour I'm so pleased

Life goal: The Moss (Cosmo Sheldrake) ((The song title doesnt work but oh my god the song? Isn't it about fairytales? I WANT TO LIVE IN AN ADVENTURE NOVEL PLEASE))

Worst Fear: Internet Ruined Me (Wilbur Soot) ((Funny enough, whether or not the internet has changed my mental health is actually a massive worry of mine))

Favorite Activity: The Lily (Faun) ((N...no?))


I am often thinking about: Would you be so kind (Dodie) ((I suppose I do often think about how to best ask people for things, yes, totally not thinking about how my crush did NOT like me back, nope, never on my mind ever)

Favorite color: Shane (Fruit Bats) ((Shane- Shane is not a color, but it is a VERY GOOD SONG VERY VERY GOOD)) 

(I shuffled the playlist here because it was just the same dang stuff that I've heard a hundred times)

Favorite Place *technically landed on sincerely me but I'm getting hw done and cant listen to that atm soooo*: Dear Fellow Traveller (Sea Wolf) ((So... nowhere? Everywhere? Somewhere quiet up in the mountains of Norway where I can walk around all day and never meet the end of the woods? Sounds lovely I'm in)

If you have (etc.): New Rules (Dua Lipa) ((Sounds like it was tired of all the confusion XD)) 

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Name: The Rainbow Connection (by Kermit the Frog) ((Not a bad name. In fact, a great one!))

Your Motto: Together Again (by the Muppets) ((I like it!))

Life Goal: I Can't Stay Away From You (Gloria Estaphaun) ((Umm...nice life goal?))

Worst Fear: Getting Around-Dance of the Sugar Plums (by Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky) ((I had my iTunes make a random playlist, ok?))

Favorite Activity: From a Distance (by Bette Midler) ((Um, is this a new sport?))

I Can Be Heard Shouting: GlobeFC2 (by iMovie) (("GlobeFC2!! GlobeFC2!!" It's a 2-second trill of music.))

I Am Often Thinking About: Some Things Never Change (by Disney Frozen) ((Uh.))

Favorite Color: Text to Speech 2 (by Microsoft Word) ((Um, this speaks the name of a website. HOW DID IT GET ON A PLAYLIST?!))

Favorite Place: The First Time it Happens (by the Muppets) ((Is that even a place?!))

If You Have A Bag With 3 Jars Of Jam In It And You Put In One Jar Of Jelly, How Many Jars Of Jam are In the Bag?:  Nightengale (by Carole King) 


Ha, that was fun! 

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