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In a world full of dark times, we try to be happy. We try to listen with attention and react with fear. Well, I'm here to change that. Hi, I’m Jesmonitye (pronounced Jez mo night ee) and my plan is to take over the world. Or maybe the universe. As a kid I was feared. My siblings told me i didn't belong in their family, my parents told me to apologize after they were left bleeding on the floor. Life was just a process, not worth much thought. After my parents were killed in the Algonian War, my family was left to fend for themselves. We did, all the way till where we are now. Adults. I started my journey shortly after my 19th year. I became a bounty hunter, and things were fine. I moved up the ranks, I got more pay, and that cycle repeated. Until, Arogaun (air oh gen) was brought into my life. I started like normal. Got the call, got the files, got my weapons, and headed out. I found him, wounded him, and brought him back. He escaped, I caught him, he flew me across the galaxy into a black hole and supposedly went back in time. He imprisoned me, dropped me on Ovoloen and left. Then i saw the tragic story about what happened to my real parents and what happened to me, as a tiny little newborn, stripped from my parents and thrown into a cargo ship to fly across the sky and land me in Wisteria, where i was sold to my fake royalty family, and lived the rest of my life. So, i was mad, and i had a little temper tantrum, then found a guy, then stole his ship, then flew away, then made a base on Uletoeiorer (don’t ask how to pronounce it just read it) then here i am, writing this all down for you guys. And I want to take over and show people who I am. I don't like disrespect, but my life was the definition of disrespect till i left. So this is me, asking for your help. Depending on how many of you join, you get your share. Everything is split evenly. The pay, the land, the alumni. But, I'm your boss and you know what I saw. If you don't, then I will blow you up. Life is a process, just live.

Entry sheet



What are you:


Home Planet (there are twenty six be creative):


Language (english is NOT a language in this story so make it up when writing text type in your language then type in english in brackets{I was speaking Tylanian, the most common language})




Entry sheet

Name: Jesmonitye

Pronouns: Her/she/it

What are you: 25 yrold trying to take back whats hers aka the universe

Age: 25

Home Planet (there are twenty six be creative): Uletoeiorer 

Appearance: zebra style tentacles coming out of her head with olive skin with black marks lining her face. Dark gray eyes, wears tight black bodysuit short sleeves made of metal supporting matching fingerless gloves. Black heeled war boots with copper and iron ingravings

Language (english is NOT a language in this story so make it up when writing text type in your language then type in english in brackets{I was speaking Tylanian, the most common language}): Tylanian

Occupation: Used to be a bounty hunt(ress) but is now un-occupied as long as you dont cant domination as a job

Other: just bewear ;)

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Name: Pyrrhuloxia (pronounced Pir-hu-lo-kzee-ya) nicknamed Xia

Pronouns: they/them

What are you: tall 11 yr old pretending to be 20

Age: 11

Home Planet: Wyrmzal

Appearance: brown-orange elbow length hair, green eyes and small scar on right cheek, wears scruffy gray clothes but no one sees any of it because they always have on full-body armor, pitch black and not reflecting any light

Language: Wyrma

Occupation: trying to both make a life for themself and not be killed, thank you very much.

Other: slightly desperate  

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Name: Duri

Pronouns: it/it's

What are you: A stowaway who is making its way to the kingdom of Senoid on its home planet Ostrovis. 

Age: 18 

Home planet: Ostrovis

Appearance: Roughly 5'6". Has fox ears and a fox tail that are both sandy brown in color. Wearing a faded white t-shirt with a black leather vest over top. And green cargo pants. It also wears a pair of goggles on its forehead. 

Languages: Tylanian and Ostrovin

Occupation: worked as a mechanic for the royal family of Uletoeiorer. It go fired and traveled back to its home planet to live. 

Other: None!

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