New Art Contest: Fantasy Landscape

Fantasy and science fiction stories often feature unusual or mysterious landscapes. In this Cricket you’ll find an island that floats in the sky, a futuristic school on the moon, and weird buggybear creatures that hang out in sewers and tunnels. For this month’s contest, everybuggy would love to see your best drawing of a mysterious fantasy or science fiction landscape.

Will you imagine a barren desert landscape on a remote planet, or a land of lush gardens where unicorns frolic by beautiful waterfalls? Perhaps you’ll conjure a retro-futuristic city from Victorian times with cool steampunk machinery, or a land before time where dinosaurs roam. You might draw an ancient Celtic landscape, filled with scary fairies and other magical creatures on Samhain Eve. Or you may be inspired by a land from mythology or literature, such as the island of the Cyclops, or Lilliput, or the land of counterpane. You could even imagine a funny landscape, like upside-down land, the land where cats rule, or even the land of lost socks.

Whether you imagine a lost kingdom in the remote mountains of the Himalayas, a fairy house you might find in the trunk of an old tree, or the land of candy canes and gumdrops at the end of the rainbow, everybuggy in the ultimate fantasy landscape known as Cricket Country will be waiting to enjoy your most fantastic drawing—just one, please—of a fantasy or science fiction landscape.

  • 1. Your contest entry must be your very own original work. Ideas and words should not be copied.

    2. Your entry must be signed by your parent or guardian, stating that it is your own work, that no help was given, and that Cricket has permission to publish it in the magazine and on our website. 

    3. Be sure to include your name, age, and full address on your entry.

    4. Only one entry per person, please.

    5. If you want your work returned, enclose a self-addressed, stamped envelope for each entry.

    6. Your entry must be received by October 25, 2021.

    7. Send entries to Cricket League, P.O. Box 300, Peru, IL 61354. (No faxes or email submissions, please!)

    8. We will publish winning entries in the February 2022 issue and on the Cricket website.