New Story Contest: Transformation

This Cricket features several amazing transformations. Magnus transforms from a high-school student into a werewolf. Hans is born with the characteristics of a hedgehog but transforms into a man. The survivors of the starship MacMillan evolve partly into sea creatures as they adapt to their new home underwater. Even a baby porcupette transforms from a soft ball of fur into a prickly adult. For this month’s contest, everybuggy would like to read your best story about a remarkable change or transformation.

Maybe you will write a fantasy story about a hero with the power to transform into an animal, or who is trapped in a nonhuman form by a wizard’s spell. Or you might write a science fiction story about how people and the Earth are transformed in the future. Perhaps you will write about a character who experiences a change of heart or point of view, like “The Tiger Son” who transforms from a vicious predator of humans into a devoted son. You might even write about a place that transforms over time or with the seasons.

Whether you write about a frog who turns into a prince, a miserly Scrooge whose heart is transformed by love and generosity, a rival at school who becomes a friend, or a nerd who transforms into a football star, everybuggy will be transforming into each other around the Cricket Country mailbox as they await your best story—of 350 words or less, please—about a transformation.

  • 1. Your contest entry must be your very own original work. Ideas and words should not be copied.

    2. Your entry must be signed by your parent or guardian, stating that it is your own work, that no help was given, and that Cricket has permission to publish it in the magazine and on our website. 

    3. Be sure to include your name, age, and full address on your entry.

    4. Only one entry per person, please.

    5. If you want your work returned, enclose a self-addressed, stamped envelope for each entry.

    6. Your entry must be received by January 25, 2018.

    7. Send entries to Cricket League, P.O. Box 300, Peru, IL 61354. (No faxes or email submissions, please!)

    8. We will publish winning entries in the April 2019 issue and on the Cricket website.