Emily's Sketches for Part 1

Excerpt from Emily's correspondence with CRICKET

This one was tough. I had a lot of ideas and wanted something really good to introduce the story. I think I like the idea of introducing the Star Shard with a simple image about it the most. Of those concepts, I think my favorites are 3 and 4. On #4, I remembered a passage in the story where she sits behind a wagon to eat. I thought that wagon might be a nice general backdrop to have her leaning against looking at the stone, and would leave room for the title as well.Cymbril sketches

Cymbril curtsies to Rombol
Only one sketch here! I thought the size the image will print would lend itself to a vignette with no background.Cymbril curtseys to Rombol

Thunder Rake
I felt like there needed to be some kind of foreground element to add interest. You can also tell it's entering a town (and some buildings are in the background) and I think it's still far enough away that the Rake doesn't look too small.

I took some time to get inspired by various art books and your sketches (they really helped me generate a new perspective) and do some doodles that I think are MUCH better. I think the scale is MUCH better. All the tiny little dots on the ground are people, maybe they've got some carts or wagons with them, too. (or I could have the wagons coming from the Rake since it would make more sense with the story.)The thunder Rake Arrives



My favorite is number 2. I like the exaggerated worm's eye perspective. I still need to figure out Urrt's clothes, if any.Sketch of Urrt and Cymbril

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