Emily's Sketches for September's Cover and Part 4

Excerpt from Emily's correspondence with CRICKET

I wanted to evoke that mood of Cymbril sneaking around the Rake as she often does, while also attempting to show an actual scene.There were 3 main concepts I was going for:

Cymbril walking down the corridor or on the deck and in some cases almost being discovered by Rombol.
Cymbril precariously perched high up on the hatch she opens.
Cymbril talking to Loric through the Shard--more like a magical montage.

I also did one random idea of Cymbril with Urrt, because I like the Armfolk so much!

Editor's Note: See if you can find the sketches that became the illustrations for this month's Star Shard story. Cover sketches 1Cover Sketches 2Cover Sketches 3

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