Emily's Sketches for Part 6 (Harpy)

Excerpt from Emily's correspondence with CRICKET

Hope you had a good weekend!  I'm finishing up thumbnails for Part 6 for tomorrow.  I wanted to see if I could work out some more complex compositions on a couple of them this time around since last issue had a lot of big, close up images of characters.
Harpy Sketch 1

In the meantime, here are some sketches I did exploring the look of the harpy.  While she is definitely a bird-like creature, I don't think I saw in part 6 or 7 that she was described strictly as being just a really big bird with an old woman's head, so I thought I'd try a version where she was a little less like the "classic" harpy from Greek mythology.  I liked the idea of her wings being a cross between wings and arms, sort of like bat wings, with a thumb claw, something like #1.  Then there is a more classic image for #2, and sort of a combination between the two ideas in #3.  I think I like #1's face best (especially the lower drawing).  I took some artistic license and thought maybe she could have a scary necklace of some kind with shiny objects and maybe bones hanging from it.  Harpy Sketch 2Of course, without hands I don't know how she would put together that sort of thing, just a possible idea to up the "creepy" fantasy factor!

Hope you like them and thanks for waiting!

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