New Poetry Contest: Birds - River S. - 09/27/18

Contest: Winners

New Poetry Contest: Birds

Submitted by: River S., 11, Plantation, FL

The Song of the Oceanside Grackle

She is the cool black night against the
red-striped sand and summer sun.
Now she sings her overlooked song,
her invisible caw
that tells the story of the beach,
what the sand has seen, and the
ocean saw.
Of the time to be
and was.
On a beach where no pesky seagulls fly,
where the noisy waves compete
and the sand is a canvas for passersby,
like the grackle with her stick-like print.
On a beach where one lone grackle
hops away from the
I shall leave her to her breakfast.
But even when I turn away
I can hear
her song.

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