New Poetry Contest: Birds - Willa S. - 09/27/18

Contest: Winners

New Poetry Contest: Birds

Submitted by: Willa S., age 11, Nashville, TN

Musical Pyramid

Voices to
Top the triangle
Like flutes hummingbirds’
Chirps float quietly in the night
Next are the sopranos who send
Their voices, a little louder, into the
Warm summer night sky, the robins and the finches
And louder still are altos and tenors, harmonic notes lift,
Soar above the calm on soft spring winds, riding on the dusk,
And finally are the bass songs, the loudest, ravens and magpies,
Trombones and tubas, flying jewels in the warm summer light.

The song flies into night,
The parts weave together,
These are the songs
Of the birds of a feather.
The musical pyramid,
Flying with wings
The song is reading its end,
They sing
The song ends,
A shame it did,
A lovely, flying

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