New Story Contest: Transformation - Maliha N. - 03/29/19

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New Story Contest: Transformation

Submitted by: Maliha N., age 8, Avon, OH

My New Hair

“Maybe you should get bangs this time,” my mom suggested as we drove to my hair appointment. I wasn’t sure if I wanted them. The thought of a new look made me kind of nervous, but as we drove I started to get excited about the idea.

When we got to the hairdresser, she asked me what I wanted to do with my hair.

“Can I get bangs, please?” I said quietly. I was feeling unsure.

“Sure,” the hairdresser said, smiling at me. “I think bangs will look good on you! Let’s go wash your hair first.”

We walked over to the sink, and I sat down, leaning my head back. The water was warm and soapy. I started to relax.

Next, we walked back to the salon chair, and she dried my hair with a black hair drier, leaving it slightly damp. After she combed it, she began to trim it.

I was starting to get nervous about my bangs again. I kept wondering what they would be like. What would I look like? Would my bangs be long or would they be short?

“Are you ready for the bangs now?” the hairdresser asked me.

I hesitated slightly before replying, “Yes, I’m ready.” She turned me around in my chair so my back was to the mirror.

About ten minutes later the hairdresser stopped. I asked, “Are you done?”

The hairdresser said, “Yes. Your hair looks so good!” She swiveled me around so I was facing the mirror again.

I was shocked at how different I looked, but I was happy. In fact, even though the bangs now covered part of my eyes, I loved them!

“Thank you!” I told the hairdresser, smiling. My mom, who had been waiting in the waiting room, came over to see how I looked. She liked my new style as well.

When I got home, my brother and my dad both said they liked my new bangs. “You look cute!” my dad said, which made me feel more confident. I couldn’t wait to show my friends.

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