New Story Contest: Transformation - Ella S. - 03/29/19

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New Story Contest: Transformation

Submitted by: Ella S., age 10, Silver Spring, MD

Transformation Candy

“Give me some of your candy,” Susie told her little brother, Roy, who was stuffing his face with his leftover Halloween sweets, “and I’ll transform into a three-headed alien.”

Roy thought for a minute. He didn’t have much candy left, having made it last all the way from November to late March.

“Okay,” he concluded and set down his candy on the table for her to take. She took a piece, chewed, and swallowed. Nothing happened.

“Maybe I need to eat another piece,” she suggested. She took another piece of candy. Roy was getting increasingly suspicious, but he kept his mouth shut.

Finally, when Susie was chomping on a fifth piece of his candy, he asked, “Are you sure you’re going to turn into an alien? This isn’t just a way to eat all my candy, right?” Susie swallowed her piece.

“Roy, my dear brother, why on earth would I do that to you?” she exclaimed innocently. “I’m not the type of nasty person who might do that. I’m a good person. Also really humble. But I’m telling the truth. I’ll turn into a three-headed alien!” And with that, she popped another piece into her mouth. Then she ate another piece. And another! And after devouring all of Roy’s Halloween candy, she still had not turned into a three-headed alien. In fact, her one head had a broad and mischievous grin on its face.

“April Fools’!” she cried. “Ha-ha! I just ate all your candy!” Then she ran out of the room, laughing her head off.

Roy was fuming! He felt like running after her and kicking her hard. But he didn’t, because he felt a bit embarrassed. He had trusted her about turning into an alien. Well, Susie hadn’t transformed, but Roy was changed forever. Now he knew not to trust his big sister.

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