New Story Contest: Transformation - Juliet A. - 03/29/19

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New Story Contest: Transformation

Submitted by: Juliet A., age 10, Culver City, CA

The Amazing Alexio

At the far west corner of the Moretti Brothers Fair is the tent of The Amazing Alexio. The sign over the entrance to the tent read: Come in, transform, come out a new person.

At the other end of the fair, Serafina DeLuca heard about this. A new person wore a new dress. She needed a new dress. This handmade silk dress was itchy. She tossed a plastic cup she had been drinking expensive, but too sweet, pink lemonade out of onto the ground and made her way across the fair.

At the entrance of his tent, The Amazing Alexio saw Serafina approach. Seven coins clinked into his palm as she entered the tent. He smiled. This young lady was going to need a touch of magic.

Serafina frowned. Before her sat a large cauldron full of water. A tall man in a suit and top hat walked in.

“I am The Amazing Alexio,” he said with a flourish. “Prepare to be transformed.”

Then, The Amazing Alexio began to wave his hands over the cauldron strangely. Ripples began to appear on the surface of the water. Serafina peered over the edge of the cauldron.

She began to see images on the water’s surface. Images of little girls who would be overjoyed to even be given the skirt of her least favorite dress. Images of sea creatures swallowing plastic and dying. Images of people who didn’t even have clean water to drink, let alone pink lemonade. Images that taught Serafina DeLuca that there were worse things in the world than itchy dresses and too sweet lemonade.

Slowly the images came to a stop, and Serafina made her way to the exit. Outside, she looked down at herself. Anyone passing by would see the same old Serafina DeLuca, but Serafina knew better. She had changed. Just not in the way she thought she would.

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