New Story Contest: Transformation - Blakely B. - 03/29/19

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New Story Contest: Transformation

Submitted by: Blakely B., age 13, Gresham, OR

The Glowing Pearl

Once, in a strange land unheard of by humans but known deep in the hearts of both woodland and deep-sea creatures alike, a beautiful young witch lived in a tidy little cottage on a cliff that led down to a sea so vast it seemed to swallow the sky. Now, this witch wasn’t evil and didn’t hurt a flea, in fact, the opposite. Animals came from miles around, and she healed them or gave them a home in her cottage. Twice a day she went down to the sea to get water to boil for wounds and drink, and heal the silent water creatures that cautiously waited in the gentle tide of the lagoon. She bore no name, as no one was around to call her anything but the birds and the bees. She knew only by instinct how to cook, heal, and farm, and lived quite comfortably.

During a particularly busy day, she was traveling through the forest, picking some witch hazel, when she spied an interesting object lying on her trail, a glowing pearl. Often she had spied pearls inside clams she had healed, but this one was far from the cliff and the lagoon. She picked it up, looked it over, then placed it in her basket. It was warm to the touch, and a wave of instructions washed over her.

She ran back to her cottage, dropping most of her hazel in a pot and washing the pearl until it shone. Next, she rubbed sweet honey all over it, until it was completely covered and her hands were sticky. She then took it down the cliff on her steep trail, rolled it in sand, and gently place it in the ocean.

It melted into the waves, and at that moment, something alive washed onto the shore.

It was a child. A human child.

It opened its eyes, which were as blue as the waves. Its skin was the color of honey. Its hair was the color of sand.

The witch felt a twinge inside. She was cured of her only illness: loneliness.

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