New Story Contest: Transformation - Charlotte G. - 03/29/19

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New Story Contest: Transformation

Submitted by: Charlotte G., age 8, Tinley Park, IL

RING!!!!! It was the end of first period. Now for second period. That was Emma’s worst period of the day. If you’re wondering why, two words: Ms. Jenkins. Ms. Jenkins taught reading, Emma’s favorite subject! Well, Ms. Jenkins wasn’t the nicest teacher. She was always so gloomy, very bossy, and constantly yelling.

When Emma was working on her reading assignment, she saw that Ms. Jenkins’ desk had no thank-you letters, thoughtful notes, or kind papers. When Emma completed her reading assignment, she wrote a kind note saying, “Thanks for all you do!” Emma slipped the note in Ms. Jenkins’ desk drawer and then RING!!!!! Third period.

The next day Emma noticed that Ms. Jenkins was happier and not yelling! At the end of second period, Ms. Jenkins pulled Emma aside and said, “By the way, Emma, thank you for the kind note to me. It really cheered mu up! Thank you!”

Ms. Jenkins went from bossy to kind! For the remainder of the school year, Ms. Jenkins seemed happier and friendlier! It turns out that one kind gesture can make a big difference.

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