New Story Contest: Transformation - Johnny M. - 03/29/19

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New Story Contest: Transformation

Submitted by: Johnny M., age 10, Westlake, OH

Improving in Basketball

I started out only dribbling with my right hand. I thought that was fine. Then it happened. I was cut from a team. It hit me that I needed to learn to use my left hand. I went outside and started dribbling with my left hand only. It felt weird at first. I tried to shoot a basket, but I missed. It didn’t feel natural, but I was determined to improve. I really wanted to be able to join a team again.

The next day, I practiced again. It felt better than it had the day before, but it was still tricky. After that, I continued to practice for half an hour each day, being sure to shoot one hundred baskets. Over the next two months, I could tell I was improving and I was able to shoot and dribble with both my right hand and my left.

Then tryouts came. I was nervous because I really wanted to be on a team again. I worked hard to look good during tryouts, trying to do every drill perfectly. At the end of tryouts, they announced that I had made the team. I was super happy.

After practice was over, I ran home and told my dad I made the team. My dad was as happy as I was.

The first practice was very fun. We worked on left-handed layups. I made four-fifths of my layups. I set a goal to make all of my left-handed layups in the first game.

We did end up winning our first game, but I missed two of my left-handed layups.

During the next practice, we worked on left-handed dribbling. After practice my coach asked me, “Have you been working on playing left-handed?”

“Yeah,” I replied.

“Looks like it,” Coach said happily. “I am putting you in the starting lineup.”

I learned that my practice had paid off. I learned to work hard and have determination to meet my goals.

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