New Story Contest: To the Rescue - Meera S. - 07/29/19

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New Story Contest: To the Rescue

Submitted by: Meera S., age 10, Sacramento, CA

Seven Ducklings
It all started when I had just gotten home from school. There were utility workers doing things with the pipes when my mom and I spotted a mother duck and four ducklings circling around a sewer drain. We set out some water and watched them for a bit, then went inside our home.

Shortly after, I saw my neighbor Eva and her mom and some of the utility workers near the ducklings. So my mom and I went back outside to find one of the utility workers down in the sewer rescuing three more ducklings trapped in the sewer line.
While this was happening, the father duck flew over, but once the ducklings were out he flew away. We then put all seven ducklings in a basket, hoping the mother duck would follow to the park, where there is a pond, but she didn’t.
So we decided to let the ducklings out and see what happened. The mother duck started to lead her seven ducklings down the street. (She seemed very confident in where she was going.)

My mom and I followed and on the way named a couple of the ducklings. One we named Free Ranger, because the duckling would not stay in the line. Another we named Itchy, because that duckling kept stopping to scratch itself.

We helped the duck family cross a busy road and tried to coax them toward the park, but the mother duck still wanted to go her way. She led her ducklings through a gate leading into someone’s backyard.

We knocked on the door of the house where the ducks entered the backyard to inform the owner about the ducklings. The owner invited us in to see what the ducklings were doing in her backyard.

We were delighted to see the mother duck and her babies playing in the pool.

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