New Story Contest: To the Rescue - Kyle M. - 07/29/19

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New Story Contest: To the Rescue

Submitted by: Kyle M., age 8, Lodi, OH

The Accident
One sunny day my mom and I were driving our Gator, a giant vehicle like a car, through a field. We were driving peacefully, and it was fun. The tall corn was growing close to the side of the path in the field we were crossing.

Suddenly our Gator flipped over on its side. It happened so quickly, I didn’t even know it was coming, but in an instant, we were in a ditch that neither of us had seen. We were both crying. My mom hit her leg on a rock, and she couldn’t even walk on her left foot. Oh no, I knew something bad had happened. Luckily, I was buckled in and did not fall on top of her.

My mom said I had to be brave. At first, I wasn’t, because I was too scared. A moment later, I shrugged off my fear, because I knew it was up to me to rescue my mom. I ran through the field for more than a mile, crossed a creek, and arrived back at the house. I told my father about the accident, but I wasn’t crying. I was only worried about Mom.

My father and I jumped into a big SUV and went to rescue her. Once we picked her up, we drove her to the emergency room. While my father went back with the tractor to pull the Gator from the ditch, I stayed with my mom at the hospital.

It was hard for her for a few months since she could not walk with a broken leg, but later she was much better. I am so happy that I found the courage to save my mom.

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