New Story Contest: To the Rescue - Ayah D. - 07/29/19

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New Story Contest: To the Rescue

Submitted by: Ayah D., age 8, Westlake, OH

The Snake

When I was about four years old, I lived in California with my family. I shared a room with my older sister, Fatema. We rarely found bugs in our house, but once we found a snake!

One night, my dad heard a hissing noise. He thought it sounded like a snake, so he went outside to get a big stick. It was the middle of the night, so he used a flashlight since it was dark.

When he came back inside, he turned on all the lights and looked around the house to figure out where the hissing was coming from. With all the commotion, I soon woke up, confused.

My dad came into our room with the branch. “What are you doing, Daddy?”

“I heard a hissing noise. Don’t worry. I’m taking care of it.”

Just then we noticed a big snake slithering up the side of my bed. I started to cry. I was terrified. It wasn’t an ordinary snake. It was a cobra. I tried to throw a book at it, and my dad tried to poke its eye with the stick. The snake was just getting more mad.

“Get something stronger, Daddy,” Fatema said.

“Like a fork,” I added. My heart was beating faster than ever. I thought the cobra was going to bite me.

My dad ran to the kitchen to get a knife. The cobra tried to bit my dad, but luckily my dad was able to kill it with the knife.

My mom came in and picked me up. My big sister felt like fainting, and my dad was exhausted. We are so lucky my dad  was able to save us.

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