New Story Contest: To the Rescue - Caroline H. - 07/29/19

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New Story Contest: To the Rescue

Submitted by: Caroline H., age 11, Washington, DC

The Unlikely Hero

“Mom, Dad, are we there yet?” we were in the car, heading to the puppy adoption center. It was my birthday, and my parents surprised me by adopting a puppy.

“Kayla, be patient. We’ll be there in five minutes,” my mom answered.

Finally, we arrived. There was a nice lady that was at the reception desk and checked us in. “The Wright family? OK, please come with me. You’ll be with the newer pups,” she said.

We went into the room, and I almost fainted with excitement. All the puppies were so cute! Which one would I pick?

“What are you thinking, Kay?” my dad asked.

“I don’t know; they’re all so cute!”

Suddenly, I noticed a puppy, smaller than the rest. He tried to crawl to the food bowls, but got pushed back by all the bigger ones. He sat and cried and whined. The receptionist saw me looking at him.

“Oh, I see you’ve spotted the runt. All the other pups bully him. I’m afraid he will never be able to catch up with the rest of the pups.”

“How sad!” I said.

We went back to observing the puppies.

“So who are you going to pick, Kay?” my dad asked.

Then, we heard a growl; two of the older pups had gotten into a fight over a spot at the mother’s milk bar. They started to scratch and bite each other.

“No! Stop!” the receptionist yelled, but it did nothing. The puppies kept on fighting.

Then, a tiny shape shoved itself in between the two fighting dogs. They split apart and stopped fighting.

“Is that the runt?” my mom wondered.

“It is!” I said. “What a brave little guy.”

It was a miracle. The little weak runt had prevented his older siblings from getting hurt, and without hurting himself.

Then, I knew. The brave little runt would be coming home with me.

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