Story Contest: Work of Art - Caleb A. - 03/28/20

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Story Contest: Work of Art

Submitted by: Caleb A., age 8, Cleveland, OH

Daniel’s Art

There was once a boy named Daniel. Daniel loved art, but most of all, he loved to draw. He drew cowboys, Native Americans, dinosaurs, and lots of other things and hung them in his room.

One night, when Daniel was asleep, the drawings came to life! Daniel was awoken by a light in his room. He got out of bed, walked to the light, and was surprised to see the Native Americans come to life! The Native Americans fed their horses and lit a fire. They ate roasted bass and venison. For dessert, the ate strawberries.

Daniel was curious to know if the cowboys were alive, too! So, Daniel walked over to the cowboy drawing and was surprised to see that they were alive, too! The cowboys fed their horses, lit a fire in a fire pit, and ate bull meat and bread.

Next, the dinosaurs jumped out of their drawing and went into the Native Americans’ drawing! The Native Americans fought the dinosaurs, but they were too weak.

Then, the cowboys jumped into the Native Americans’ drawing and helped them fight the dinosaurs. In the end the Native Americans and cowboys won. The Indian chief and sheriff signed a peace treaty, and the cowboys jumped back to their drawing. Daniel went back to his small bed and fell fast asleep.

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