Story Contest: Work of Art - Mercy B. - 03/28/20

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Story Contest: Work of Art

Submitted by: Mercy B., age 12, Potter County, PA

Falling to Fame

Young Micha darted through the streets of Florence, Italy, dodging street mongers and animals. He flew down a small passage where little light leaked in. At the end of it was a small doorway. His home. Creeping inside, he raced to his room, slamming the door. From a drawer he pulled papers, drawings, and a small statue. He had been carving it for weeks. He needed money and he had a plan to get it.

The next day, Micha was back on the streets. Under his coat, was a bag of coins. He had sold his statue to a dealer named Baldassare del Milanese, who had found someone interested in his art. Micha was happy, because he had gotten quite a sum of money for it. Deep down though, he felt a small pang of guilt. His statue was of a small sleeping cupid that Micha had rubbed with acidic dirt to make it seem much older than it really was. He had cheated Baldassare. He just hoped he wouldn’t find out.

A few weeks later there was a knock at the door of Micha’s house. He slowly opened it. A tall man stood behind it. He was richly dressed and he was holding something under his arm. It was Micha’s statue. He gulped.

“Hello there,” the man said.” I was wondering if a boy lives here by the name of Micha?”

“I am he,” answered Micha.

He nodded and pulled the statue out from under his arm. “I bought this statue from a man named Baldassare. I bought it because I thought it was ancient. Now, I believe I was wrong. This statue isn’t old at all, it is simply a scam.”

Micha hung his head in shame, nodding sorrowfully.

“But,” the man went on, “this work was created with such skill, I am inviting you to Rome to work on your art there.”

Micha gasped. “Yes sir, I will.”

Years later, with hard work and perseverance, this boy would grow up to be the great Michelangelo.

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