Story Contest: Work of Art - Aislinn J. - 03/28/20

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Story Contest: Work of Art

Submitted by: Aislinn J., age 10, Cleveland, OH

Makeup Artist

My mom’s boyfriend’s son does makeup really well. His name is Cameron, and he is really nice. He can do fantastic looks using only one makeup palette. He also does looks on me.

When he wants to create a look with his makeup, he always brings me into the bathroom to watch. As he unpacks his makeup I ask, “I that all your makeup?”

“No, this is my to-go set!” he says.

I think it’s a lot of makeup for a to-go set, because it fills up my counter and part of the floor! I always have to sit down on the floor to watch him, but because it usually takes him a long time, I always have my phone with me so I don’t’ get bored.

One time, he dropped his palette down the sink with the water running. It was so funny!

Sometimes I have to get a snack because he’s working for three hours.

One time he made an awesome zombie look that I really liked. He used skin tone clay and made a couple mounds with holes in the middle of them on his face. Then he used red eyeshadow and fake blood to make it look like his skin was ripping apart. The last thing that he did was put white colored contacts in. This look was my number on favorite.

Another time he created a cool sunset look with palm trees and the ocean. This one took about three hours! He used black for the palm trees and blue for the ocean. For the sunset he used pink, orange, and yellow. It took him a little bit to blend in the sunset, but he did it pretty well. He used a really bright yellow for the sun. This one was my second favorite.

It is really fun to watch him unleash his inner artist. I think he is an awesome makeup artist!

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