Story Contest: Work of Art - Ellie Z. - 03/28/20

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Story Contest: Work of Art

Submitted by: Ellie Z., age 11, Helena, MT

The Mural War

I walk around the tight corner of the dull, brick school building humming a gentle tune to myself. After a long, tedious weekend, I’m thrilled to return to school and see my friends. I scan the playground for any sign of Samantha, Ally, or Cate, but am surprised to see something different on the wall of the school: bright colors, curving lines, and a hurried signature along the bottom.

I take in the giant, beautiful mural that covers the entire wall. A hot pink swirl starts in the corner of the painting; then it is mirrored by another swirl, this time lime green. Lilac swirls and orange pop as well. I stand in awe at the masterful mural.

Suddenly, I hear something. “You should be ashamed, young lady! Damaging school property like that!” That was the voice of Mr. Ferrari, our strict principal.

“I’m so sorry, sir,” a younger, feminine voice cries out. “I just thought that this school needs . . . more pizazz!” I look over to see an eighth grader with pink hair pleading for mercy. I cautiously walk over.

“You made this?” I ask, my eyes filled with wonder.

“Yes,” Mr. Ferrari says annoyedly, speaking on behalf of the girl.

“Mr. Ferrari! I don’t understand why you  would punish her for creating something so stunning!”

“Izzy? what are you doing?” a familiar voice questions. I turn to find three girls standing behind me, my three best friends. I tell them what is going on, and they join my protest.

“This isn’t fair! That mural is beautiful!” Samantha argues.

“Hey, everyone! Our principal wants to destroy this mural!” Ally screams, drawing a crowd of kids. Everyone begins to say their part.

I watch as Mr. Ferrari shrinks away. “Okay, children! If we have come to a consensus, we can keep the mural!” A collective cheer rises from the large crowd. “This doesn’t mean it’s okay to spray paint all over the school, though!”

“Got it!” The crowd laughs. Now, whenever I walk into school, instead of seeing drab brick, I see hot pink, lime green, and lilac swirls.

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