New Story Contest: Time Travel - Lucy K. - 12/16/20

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New Story Contest: Time Travel

Submitted by: Lucy K., age 13, Norman, OK

Greetings, Time Traveler
I step into the Ocean Room of the museum. My younger brother, Jacen, is trotting ahead toward the shipwreck display on the opposite side of the room. He loves it here.
I don’t. The museum gives me the creeps. The exhibits are old, dusty, and smelly, since they aren’t taken care of. The lights flicker and sometimes go out completely, darkening the rooms until they sputter back to life. It’s cold and echoing, so one footstep sounds like a hundred. Why does Jacen like it here?
“Jacen, wait!” I call. The Ocean Room’s floor is always wet, and I don’t want him to slip.
Too late! “Whoa!” shrieks Jacen as his foot slides out from under him. He grabs hold of the curtain hanging in the corner. (I don’t know why it’s there as the exhibits don’t have windows.) The fabric pulls aside, stopping Jacen.
“Jacen!” I skid over to him. “You OK?”
“Good. But look at that!” Behind the curtain there’s a door.
“Don’t go over there!” I say, but Jacen is already in front of the door, his hand twisting the knob open.
“Jacen!” I say. “Don’t go in there. It’s not an exhibit!”
“C’mon, Catie,” Jacen pleads. “Let’s go look!”
Before I can stop him, he grabs me and pulls me inside.
Clocks. That’s the first thing I notice. Clocks everywhere, each of them showing a different time.
“Wow,” breathes Jacen. He’s not looking at the clocks but at the large cylinder in the center of the room
The cylinder is glass. On the inside, there is a round shelf displaying thousands of things: a stuffed squirrel, a gemstone, a spoon. The ceiling and floor around it is a mirror, so it appears to go on forever.
I circle the cylinder and notice that the back is carved out. Jacen steps inside.
“Jacen, wait! We’ve got to—”
Light surrounds us, and an iPad-like device descends from nowhere. On the screen is a world map and a bar with dates and times on it. A voice echoes: “Greetings, Time Traveler. Where and when would you like to go?”

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