New Story Contest: Time Travel - Sahiba S. - 12/16/20

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New Story Contest: Time Travel

Submitted by: Sahiba S., age 12, Cardiff by the Sea, CA

I reached into my pocket and felt my hand wrap around the smooth, golden pocket watch my grandfather had given me on this very day so many years ago. With trembling fingers, I brought the watch up to my lips and whispered “911.” I felt my feet lift off the soft carpet of my bedroom floor and felt myself slowly landing in the office I knew so very well.
Within seconds of my arrival, I saw my grandfather, sitting at his desk innocently, not knowing that he would soon be dead. Just like I do every year, I tried to warn him. I screamed, even yelled, but knew that it was no use, for you see, when time traveling, the traveler may only view the event, not change it.
I peered out through the large, glass window, searching for “the enemies.” I prayed something would go wrong in the aircraft and that this evil-minded mission would be abolished, but much to my dismay the plane could be seen in the distance, heading straight for the building. I watched as the plane confronted the building, crashing through it as though it were a soft cloud The glass shattered, and structure began to collapse. I could hear the screams of innocent souls and the smell of panic filled the air.
I watched my grandfather, who much to my surprise looked quite calm, as the ceiling began to crush his body, and I could barely hear his whisper, “Run, Seva, run to where it is safe!”
I closed my eyes and felt tears streaming down my cheeks and could hear the thunderous crash of the building next door.
How could someone do something so cruel? I thought and wept some more. I then slowly crouched down beside the lifeless body of my grandfather and prayed for all those who had to experience such a miserable phenomenon. “I, Seva Kaur, am safe and strong. I am here for you,” I whispered to my grandfather so that maybe he would feel reassured.
I then whispered “2020” into my pocket watch.

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