New Story Contest: Time Travel - Avah D. - 12/16/20

Contest: Winners

New Story Contest: Time Travel

Submitted by: Avah D., age 12, Lafayette, CA

The Machine

At first, there was nothing.
A flash, a bright light,
And the Machine was there,
Appearing out of nothing
In the center of the park.
Its bright cords flickered
And its dials slowed.
The Machine looked around,
Analyzing its surroundings.
Where was it from?
What could it do?
Why was it here?
The Machine whirred and fizzed
And made odd sounds,
And as it stood there,
It saw.
It saw only plants,
Overgrown for miles around.
And then, great dinosaurs,
Roaming that same spot.
After a while, it saw a form of life,
Which grew and grew
And grew in number.
The beings made roads and buildings
And invented strange contraptions.
Curious, the Machine
Began to look closer
At the different types of this life form,
Saw the unreasoned prejudices,
Saw the way they attacked each other,
Saw the way they destroyed each other
And rebelled against themselves,
Saw the distrust, the separation,
Saw the glorious cities built and sacked,
Saw viruses, fires, and segregation.
The Machine saw it all.
Their lives were so short—
Nothing more than a blip
In the endless march of time.
And yet they were somehow content
To fight and create and destroy
And pretend they had
All the time in the world.
The Machine gathered itself,
Its dials and knobs,
Its odd-colored wires,
And blinked back to when it came,
Nothing more
Than a forgotten mystery.
And all of the life forms
Went on with their numbered days,
Unaware that a Machine
Had been in their presence
And been too disgusted by them
To stay.

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