New Story Contest: Time Travel - Josie M. - 12/16/20

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New Story Contest: Time Travel

Submitted by: Josie M., age 12, Loganville, GA

I looked at the flashing gold dragon pin in my hand, which I had found in the shallows of a pool that lay in the woods behind my house. I was about to turn away, when an irresistible force pushed me forward into the water. Instantly, I was floating in dark emptiness with nothing touching me but the ice-cold pin in my hand.

Suddenly, I was standing on a mountain with cherry trees surrounding me and a cool breeze rippling through my hair. “How did I get here? Where am I?” I asked in shock.

“In Japan, by magic. How else?” replied a strange hissing voice from behind me.

I whirled around, and there was a long, gold-and-red dragon wrapped around one of the trees. “I am the guide to all travelers in Japan,” it said as it began to unwind itself. “Please mount.”

I was so surprised that I obeyed without a word. The dragon flew steadily until we came to a busy town.

“Time to land,” it said, and we came to rest in an empty street. There, it turned into a man for disguise, and we headed for the marketplace.

It was full of people buying a d selling fish, pottery, glittering jewelry, shoes, and little charms. We wandered about enjoying the pleasant sights, smelling the tantalizing odors, and listening to the gossip that drifted about.

We saw the governor parade through Main Street, watched cricket fights on a small stage, and heard beautiful music floating on the wind. I enjoyed my time immensely and bought one of the charms as a souvenir.

An hour later, we were alone again in a deserted square, and before I knew it, I was flying on the dragon’s back, headed for a bright cloud.

“Thank you so much,” I whispered.

“Farewell.” We flew into the cloud, and dragon, town, and Japan disappeared, and I was home. I felt in my pocket for the dragon pin, but it was gone. Gone for someone else to find.

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