New Story Contest: Time Travel - Colin O. - 12/16/20

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New Story Contest: Time Travel

Submitted by: Colin O., age 7, San Francisco, CA

Traveling into the Time of the Ninjas

I went to open the fridge and I saw a time portal. It was blue. I went into the time portal, and it looked like a ninja dojo. It was in the past of Japan. It had swords, smoke bombs, and ninja stars.

There was a sensei. He was meditating. His eyes were closed. He opened his eyes and said, “Oh hello. Who are you? Are you my new student?” he asked.

I said, “Yes.”

He taught me how to throw a ninja star, smoke bomb, and how to use a sword. He gave me my ninja suit so I can sneak around in the night.

I was happy. I said, “Thank you!”

He said, “You’re welcome and bye!”

I smoke-bombed myself and went back into the time portal. When I was home I had my ninja suit on and swords on my back, smoke bombs in one pocket, and ninja stars in the other. I went into the night and snuck around. I was excited!

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