New Poetry Contest: At the Library - Nora M. - 01/05/21

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New Poetry Contest: At the Library

Submitted by: Nora M., age 14, Longmont, CO

My Grandmama’s House Is a Library

My grandmama’s house is a library,
With baskets full of books.
There you can find anything,
You just need to look!

The baskets look intimidating,
Knee-high and very wide.
But thrust in your hands and root around,
They’ve got nothing to hide.

Whether fiction, fact, or in between
Is up for you to decide.
Here’s her favorite children’s book
And a Rocky Mountains field guide.

Or maybe you want a history lesson!
Here’s a pioneer story.
The girl and her family will make your day,
That I guarantee!

What’s that, you say? Some fantasy
To occupy your time?
Why sure, we’ve got a mermaid tale
And King Arthur and his knights.

What? You have to go? Ah, yes,
Best be on your way.
I hoped you loved my grandmama’s library,
And come again someday!

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