New Poetry Contest: At the Library - Caleb A. - 01/05/21

Contest: Winners

New Poetry Contest: At the Library

Submitted by: Caleb A., age 9, Cleveland, OH

Looking for Books

I look around the shelf in haste
To find a book that’s just my taste
Then I find it with eyes so clear
“I found it!” I said. “It’s right over here!”
The book I spied is called Sherlock Holmes
And the mysteries he solves wherever he roams
I grab it and start to take it out
But then I think I’ll take a new route
I’ll find something new within the shelves
I’ll look for books about football or elves
I take another book—this one is a perfect fit
I think to myself as I sit
It’s a tale of football and not giving up
I decide to take it home to read to my pup
I get back home at exactly 5:34
And then I think, Later I’ll go back for more!

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