New Poetry Contest: At the Library - Sara Grace A. - 01/05/21

Contest: Winners

New Poetry Contest: At the Library

Submitted by: Sara Grace A., age 13, Kingston, GA


Anyone can tell you what a library is
A building of books,
What else?
But it holds far more meaning than housing for stories
A library is a club that only the creators of said stories may enter
Some of the more famous members are Dickens and Shakespeare, Tolkien and Poe
The ones who have an almost magical way with plot
Who pour their soul into every line of dialogue, every figurative language-rich phrase
I don’t want to be the first woman president, or find a cure for COVID-19, or land on Mars
(Although all of those things would be great to achieve)
I want to write a book
And maybe one day, I’ll see my work on display,
Or see my name on a shelf
I don’t want to go to the library, I want to be a part of the library
I want to be an author
So I can give my stories life and share them with the world
And eventually, inspire someone else to do the same
I love to visit the library, to smell the pages of books, old and new,
And dream about my future career
Every time I choose a book from the library,
I look at the author’s name
And think one day,
That will be me

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