New Poetry Contest: At the Library - Gabriele V. - 01/05/21

Contest: Winners

New Poetry Contest: At the Library

Submitted by: Gabriele V., age 11, New York, NY

The New Library

Run up the steps,
throw open the gate.
The new library’s come out,
it’s time to celebrate!

Walk down the hallway,
read the plaque on the door.
This library, it says,
is never a bore.

The walls are made of glass,
The ceiling is, too.
Everything’s clean and
everything’s new.

The librarians are robots,
full of things that you need,
like what book on your list
is the next you should read.

The tables are shiny,
the room smells great.
And the computers
are all up-to-date.

Yes, this library scores
a ten for its looks.
There’s only one thing wrong . . .
where are all the books?

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