New Poetry Contest: At the Library - Monica N. - 01/05/21

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New Poetry Contest: At the Library

Submitted by: Monica N., age 11, West Lafayette, IN

The Right Book

I hurry into the library.
I dash into the fiction aisle, my second home.
A dragon grins at me from a shelf, telling me I am not alone.
I stride down the aisle.
I nod to a young soldier, who is walking another mile.
Four figures faithfully follow a beaver through the snow.
And I go.
I am searching for the right book. When I find it, I will know.
A boy with a scar waves another wand. BANG!
A girl leans forward and sees her mother in the glass.
And I pass.
A girl covered in soot looks for her monster.
Another girl finds a magic pencil in class.
I round a corner and see a piece of paper and a pencil.
I start to turn.
I turn. And I know.
I pick up the pencil and I write.
I have found my book!

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