New Poetry Contest: At the Library - Carley O. - 01/05/21

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New Poetry Contest: At the Library

Submitted by: Carley O., age 12, Morton, IL

Halloween at the Library

Their high shelves are filled with books,
But if you take a closer look
You may find that between the pages,
Or in other strange places,
There might be creepy faces.
Maybe if you’re strolling by at night,
You may see the yellow light
Of a jack-o-lantern shining bright.
If you get a spooky feeling,
The sight of a mummy with its bandages peeling
Just might send you reeling.
So the next time you cross town,
Stop in and look around.
Whether you read a book that makes you dream,
Or rent a movie that makes you scream,
your library will always help you celebrate Halloween!

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