New Poetry Contest: Silly Poem - Lilyana S - 04/20/21

Contest: Winners

New Poetry Contest: Silly Poem

Submitted by: Lilyana S, age 13, Marina, CA

Love Song to a Banana

Thou shan’t despair,
O fair banana,
For I’ve come to gobble thee!
Thy yellow peel
Like my best bandana
Your destiny’s with me!

Your taste so sweet I can’t resist,
Dear fruit, I won’t deny,
The sight of you
Made my heart twist.
You’re meant to be with I!

Despite my guilt, banana,
I now must take a bite.
Do not doubt that I shall grieve you
Every following night.

My dearest fruit, oh where art thee?
My heart is full of woe,
Now that you’re gone
I’m not the same
Nor shall I be, I know.

If I could have you once more today,
I’d stroke you tenderly.
I’ve missed you since you went away,
For we were meant to be.

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