New Poetry Contest: Silly Poem - Nathan T. - 04/20/21

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New Poetry Contest: Silly Poem

Submitted by: Nathan T., age 8, Westlake, OH

The Fourth of Opposite Day

The fourth of opposite day,
my least favorite day,
the school bus flies and
my house floats in the sea,
and if you say “I’m all ears . . .
you turn into ears . . .
Roses smell horrible,
and you’re bad at everything you
were good at before.
You say yes to say no,
and no to say yes.
And wolves are in sheep’s clothing. . . .
Volcanoes erupt water
and geysers erupt lava.
The grass is blue and
the sky is green
and it rains cats and dogs.
Pigs fly over the sky . . . WHAT?!?!
Cars float and planes don’t fly.
The fourth of opposite day in July
has to end.
Wait . . . should I say it has to start?

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