New Poetry Contest: Silly Poem - Eleanor B. - 04/20/21

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New Poetry Contest: Silly Poem

Submitted by: Eleanor B., age 12, Mapleton, UT

Sparky the Whale

I walk into school one morning, and my teacher greets me with a scowl,
“David,” she growls, “have you brought your essay on the feeding habits of the old barn owl?”
Panic overwhelms me, that was due today?
I must think of a cover story, there must be another way.
I think up a tale and spin it, creating a stronger thread.
“Well, Mrs. White, on the way to school I fell into a manhole, gosh, I was sure that I’d be dead.
So I was walking along, when I tripped and fell, you see.
And down the manhole I plunged, until Sparky the whale caught me!
Sparky is his name, and I know that to be true, because whales ought to have names, too!
This whale had a dream, you see, Mrs. White, to become the world’s best podiatrist!”
She waved me to my seat, but I could not stop.
The thread of my tale had become a strong cloth!
“I only thought it right to help him pursue this dream,
Only thought it right, for he had saved my life!
So I rode him down the plumbing to the local school of podiatry.
They refused to admit him, and the situation was tight.
It was unfair they wouldn’t admit him, so I started a riot for whales’ rights!
The manager broke up the riot and still refused to admit poor Sparky.
Then he said, ‘Now I must do some research on the feeding habits of a barn owl.’
So I made him a deal, it was only fair, so I said, ‘I will give this paper if you let Sparky in there.’
So he agreed, and Sparky’s dream came true.
And it is also why I don’t have a paper to hand in to you.”
I went  to my desk and started to work. And I was excited when I got my weekly report,
And this is because, in the storytelling segment, I got an A-plus!

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