New Poetry Contest: Silly Poem - Rebecca C. - 04/20/21

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New Poetry Contest: Silly Poem

Submitted by: Rebecca C., age 13, Callands, A

As I Walk

As I walk
Down the lane,
The trees start to talk
And the squirrels form a train,
Along with the moose,
Who is their caboose.

As I walk,
The polar bears don their mittens,
And I gape and gawk
As I spy some pretty kittens
With rainbow-colored fur
Fishing with a lure.

As I walk,
The deer play in the treetops
And the fish start to squawk,
While the skunks clean with their mops.
Falcons play hide-and-seek with the moon,
And a hawk eats the clouds with a spoon.

Now I walk
back to my house.
I glance at the clock,
Say hi to my mouse,
But I always will remember
That silly stroll in September.

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