New Poetry Contest: Silly Poem - Tracy S. - 04/20/21

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New Poetry Contest: Silly Poem

Submitted by: Tracy S., age 12, San Antonio, TX

Silly Fun Stew!

The cauldron is awaiting—
But I am not a witch.
I am going to make
A different kind of mix.

A whole cup full of silly,
Another full of fun,
A tablespoon of crazy,
And this potion’s just begun.

A jumble of ideas
A bizarre face or two,
Just a pinch of sugar,
An “oink,” a “neigh,” a “moo”!

You can’t forget the sunshine.
You gotta love the laughs.
A risk and bit of adventure
Makes for a fine craft.

The most important element
Goes in right at the end.
Yes, to have all this silly fun,
You just need a good friend.

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