New Poetry Contest: Silly Poem - Lindsay G. - 04/20/21

Contest: Winners

New Poetry Contest: Silly Poem

Submitted by: Lindsay G., age 13, Tucson, AZ

Opposite Day

The silliest thing
Just happened today.
A horse said, “Excuse me,”
And I said, “Hay!”

The pigs  are all flying,
The birds only snort,
Pancakes are tall,
but giraffes are short!

My feet touch the clouds,
The ground is my sky,
If you do know the answer,
You still ask, “Why?”

People close their eyes
In order to see,
A beaver is trying
To fix up a tree!

Cheetahs got slower,
Sloths win every race,
Rockets go underwater,
Submarines explore space!

But the silliest thing
From this day, it’s agreed
Is that fish write books,
And people don’t read!

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