New Story Contest: A New Beginning - Eric H. - 08/06/21

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New Story Contest: A New Beginning

Submitted by: Eric H., age 8, Vienna, VA

The Beginning of the Desert

One day, Rainbow bird found a big stash of hidden gold. He wanted to make it into golden paint. Rainbow bird ground the gold into gold dust and flew away to find water. Meanwhile, a witch  came, and she cursed the gold dust and it became sand.

When Rainbow bird came back and saw nothing but sand, it made him mad. He flapped his wings so hard. It made all the sand fly away. It flew and flew until it settled on the great plains. It covered all the plants, but some plants survived and evolved into cacti.

The sand lay undisturbed for hundreds of years, until one day an explorer cast a spell on the desert, which made the day really hot and night really cold. So that was the beginning of the desert.

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