New Story Contest: A New Beginning - Ivy L. - 08/06/21

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New Story Contest: A New Beginning

Submitted by: Ivy L., age 10, Indianapolis, IN

Brand New

Isabella was only two years old at the time. Her parents adored her and loved her more than anything else in the whole world. And she loved them back. She was very sweet and cried rarely. She could only talk a little.

One day her parents began acting strangely. Her father paid a lot of attention to her mother, and Isabella was confused. Usually he would play with her at this time. When Isabella tried to tackle him he said, “Not now, Izzy.” He was busy painting the wall of the guest room.

Isabella asked her mommy if she could go on a walk.

“Not today, Izzy.” She was busy setting up a crib. Isabella was very confused. She didn’t sleep in a crib! She slept in a big-girl bed!

The next day, when her mother tried to put her shoes on, she groaned and had Izzy’s daddy put them on. Instead of Izzy’s mommy making lunch, her daddy made lunchmeat sandwiches, and he made three for Izzy’s mommy. That was unusual.

Her mommy usually was way more active than she was now. She used to take early morning jogs and take walks with Izzy, but not anymore. Izzy’s parents tried to keep explaining, but she didn’t understand. She was really confused.

A few weeks passed, and Izzy needed to say something important to her mommy. “Mommy, you’re getting fat.” Izzy’s mommy thought it was hilarious, and she laughed and laughed and laughed. And when she told her daddy, he laughed and laughed and laughed, too. Izzy was embarrassed. She hated it when grownups acted like she was “the cutest.”

A few nights later, Izzy woke up. For some reason, she was scared. Something was not quite right. “Mommy! Daddy!” She ran into her parents’ room and stopped. There was no one there!

“It’s okay, honey. I’m here,” a familiar voice said. Grandma! Izzy hugged her.

Later, they were in the hospital. Izzy had a little sister, Willa. Even though she didn’t quite understand, she decided she liked Willa and forgave her for making her mother look fat.

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