New Story Contest: A New Beginning - Faewyn W. - 08/06/21

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New Story Contest: A New Beginning

Submitted by: Faewyn W., age 11, Graton, CA

A New Friendship

“Mrow! Mreow!” I said, sitting outside the back door. One of my humans came and opened the door for me.

“Mama, look! Trillium’s in! Can we show him?” she called.

Show me what? I wondered as I ran over to my bowl to see if they had put something for me to eat in it. Nothing. I sniffed my bowl. All I could smell was the scent of my kibble from this morning. I sniffed the air. Something was amiss.

“I don’t think we should show him yet. We should do it slowly and carefully, not right away,” the bigger human called from the little human’s bedroom.

What were they talking about? I walked cautiously to the bedroom door, which was closed. I sniffed the air again. Something was definitely wrong. I could smell it.

“But, Ma, I’m just so nervous to see what Trillium will think of her!” said the little human. She opened the door to the room, and before she could blink, I walked in.

“I didn’t mean to!” the little human blurted. There on the rug lay a purring, little, furry kitten.

“Look Trills, see, this is our new kitten. She’s nice.”

I sniffed the little creature. She smelled so different than any other smell. She was intruding on my life! I hissed. She looked up at me with round, confused eyes.

“Trillium! Bad boy! Go!” my human scolded.

I ran out of the room. I was scared.

For the next few weeks, I stayed outside most of the time. I came into the kitchen to eat, though. The creature stayed in the little human’s room for a while, but then she started to come out more. I was scared of her. I really was.

Then, on Christmas, the kitten ran up to me. I was about to hiss, but I stopped. I was feeling playful. Without thinking, I jumped on her. She got out from under me and pounced! We were playing.

Our humans watched us, delighted. I knew this was the beginning to a friendship that would last forever.

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