New Poetry Contest: Summer! - Jaslene K. - 10/25/21

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New Poetry Contest: Summer!

Submitted by: Jaslene K., age 11, Lisle, IL

Summer Band Camp

silver keys and polished wood
glint in the gymnasium lights
black plastic cases litter the rubber floors

low notes chase the high ones
and sounds mingle with each other
testing out tunes
trilling like birds
brass and woodwind dance
twirling round to the beat of percussion
soft sounds grab the loud and pull them back
before they can overpower the room
while minors fight majors making battles of hollow echoes
the clock interrupts the concert, insisting that the time is late
squeaking metal emanates as shoes on floor leave the building
every last sound is carried back home

but though the notes disappeared into the shadows
remnants of the songs replay over and over
the performers can still see the excitement
feel the vibrations of the sounds, hear the music in the air
over and over
a sweet memory of the adventure that took place
in one room
on one morning
during one hot summer day

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