New Poetry Contest: Summer! - Tessa N. - 10/25/21

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New Poetry Contest: Summer!

Submitted by: Tessa N., age 12, Morris Plains, NJ

The Feeling of Summer

How do you describe a word
so wonderful
that at the whisper of its name,
warm joy falls into your heart?
How do you describe
warmth on your back,
underwater backflips,
giddy freedom,
or the happiness woven into a lanyard?
How do you describe
the call of a seagull,
a lazy porch swing,
holding hands around a fire,
or the ice cream truck’s song?
How can you explain to others
why each cherished detail is your favorite part
of summer?
How do you experience joy?
You savor it bit by bit
until, with a sigh,
it’s gone.

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