New Poetry Contest: Summer! - Tova W. - 10/25/21

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New Poetry Contest: Summer!

Submitted by: Tova W., age 12, Ann Arbor, MI

Neighborhood Squirt Gun Fight

Everyone’s gathered, a thrill fills the air.
Something is happening, something fun, something rare.
Buckets of water have been set on the ground,
Old dusty squirt guns have been looked for—and found.
My friend raises his hand, counts, “Three, two, one, go!”
I watch people battle, enjoying the show.
Then, without warning, a squirt hits my head!
I squirt at my neighbor until she has fled.
Before long I’m soaking,
But still laughing and joking.
At last, the buckets are empty, and we’re all wet as can be.
Everyone starts leaving, including me.
As my sister and I trek down the street,
My sister comments, “Well, that sure was neat!”
Smiling, I nod and wring out my skirt.
“The best kind of battle, and it doesn’t even hurt.”
We both fall silent as we walk in the door.
What a beautiful day. What a wonderful war.

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