New Poetry Contest: Summer! - Tyler R. - 10/25/21

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New Poetry Contest: Summer!

Submitted by: Tyler R., age 12, Warren, NJ

Tick. Tick. Tick. DING!
The last school bell finally rings!
I rush outside into the blazing sun,
Summertime has finally begun!

I travel home and leap into bed,
Clearing all schoolwork from my head.
And when I fall asleep and wake next day,
I realize I have two months to relax and play!

Analyze chess at home then ride a bike.
Travel to the mountains and take a hike.
Buy a drone and make it fly,
Before I know it, it’s already July!

Marvel at fireworks on Independence Day!
Get vaccinated and celebrate birthdays!
Visit state parks and play sports in town,
As the month of August rolls around.

See stunning waterfalls, read in a bookstore,
Engage myself in video games, and rest by the shore.
Just when I’m having lots of fun,
I realize that summer is nearly done!

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